In order to understand the Church’s vision about the youth ministry, we focus our attention on some of the key texts extracted from Church documents which distinctively spell out the need, desire, mode and primacy of youth ministry and world youth days.
EvangeliiNuntiandi (1975)

EvangeliiNuntiandistates that;
circumstances invite us to make special mention of the young. Their increasing number and growing presence in society and likewise the problems assailing them should awaken in every one the desire to offer them with zeal and intelligence the Gospel ideal as something to be known and lived. Young people who are well trained in faith and prayer must become more and more the apostles of youth. The Church counts greatly on their contribution, and we ourselves have often manifested our full confidence in them.
CatechesiTradende (1979)
CatechesiTradende denotes that in the pastoral care we ask ourselves: “How are we to reveal Jesus Christ, God made man, to this multitude of children and young people?”
It is reassuring to note that, during the fourth general assembly of the synod and the following year, the Church has widely shared the concern about how to impart catechesis to children and young people. In this way the synod has been valuable for the whole Church by seeking to trace with the great precision the complex characteristics of present-day youth; by showing that these young person’s speak a language into which the message of Jesus must be translated with patience and wisdom and without betrayal.