The faith formation takes place within the living ambient of an ecclesial community and by the collective action of the faith community. Hence, the faith- community is considered both as the ambient and agent of faith formation. This community of faith becomes the ambient of faith at three levels: i) the family; ii) parish community; iii) ecclesial community; and iv) the educational institutions.
1. The Family
Family is the basic unit of the human society both in the secular and religious level. The Church considers family as the environment of faith formation, school of Christian life, and as the ‘domestic Church’.

2. The Parish
The CCEO says, “Besides the Christian family, the parish itself and every ecclesial ‘community have to ensure the catechetical formation of their members and their integration into the same community, by assuring those conditions in which what they learn can be lived to the full”.
3. Church: The Basic and Cohesive Ambient and Agent
The Church is a community of the faithful, which has its own beliefs, values, and customs. This reality of the Church subsists in a particular church or individual church or Universal Church. Whether it be in a particular church or individual church or universal Church, the Church as a community of faithful remains the basic and cohesive ambient and agent of catechesis in which and by which the faith formation takes place.
4. Educational Institutions
Other important ambient which helps the faith formation or religious formation of the children and young are the educational institutions.
5. Pious Associations and Organizations
Every association of the faithful in the Church has the duty of educating its members in faith. Faith formation has always been a basic dimension in the formation of the laity. The leaders of these associations and organizations are the faith formators. al hierarch”
6. Family Units
Family units are the best context for faith formators to discharge their responsibilities. Family units have their foundation in the early Christian community, gathering in the temple and also in houses, where the faithful prayed, broke bread and shared their possessions with one another (Acts 2:42; 4:32).