1. Spiritual Development
Retreats and perpetual adoration, School and college retreats, Intercessory prayer, Prayer Gatherings in families, Youth mass, LectioDivina, Youth adoration, Praise and worship with religious music ministry, Walking mediation, Object mediation, Night vigil, Way of the cross pilgrimage, Pilgrimage to centers of saints, Inter religious prayer, Bible quiz competition, Prayer gatherings on parish level, One day chain rosary, Walking with word of God, Youth Convention, etc.

2. Social Orientation
Get-together for widows, Clean city, Financial support for the education of the poor students, Social awareness rallies, Visit of mission stations, Protest against social issues, Mission disclosure, Campus ministry, Visit the sick, Government policies, Mission service, Waste management, etc.

3. Fellowship Development
Family visits, meeting people in their context, Youth survey, Birthday wishes, Games, Youth day, Christmas get-together, Pilgrimages, picnics, Cultural programmes, Flash mob, Get-together at family unit level, Short film competition On social themes, Sports competition, Summer Camps, Birthday wishes through online, Talent show, Street plays, Village visit, Community meal, etc.

4. Formative Process
Personality development, Sex education, Media literacy, Social awareness, Time management, Photo-language, Slides and film strips, Leadership developmentSeminar
Magazine and newspaper research, Film review, Counseling and career guidance, Skills training programme, Event management training, Value education programme, Panel discussion, Preparing lesion plans, Faith formation and Life orientation Programms,Youcat, Church documents, Bible class, Sacraments, Self-management skillsCamps and seminars, Training programmes for youth and also for other groups as per request, Coaching classes