The Church is an organic reality with a life and mission. The life of the Church is closely related to her very nature and being, while the mission is more related to her function. The mission of the Church is to continue the works of Jesus Christ and to make His name known and loved by preaching, teaching, healing, the acts of charity and justice.
1. Threefold Mission of the Church
The Church continues the mission of Jesus, the prophet, priest, and king through the three basic ministries of the Church namely ministry of the Word,ministry of worship,and ministry of servicewhich correspond to the prophetic, priestly, and kingly ministries of the Church respectively.
1.1. The Ministry of Service (Diakonia)
The ministry of service is an important expression of the mission of the Church. The mission history of the Church can be read from the optic of diakonia.

1.2. The Ministry of Communion (Koinonia)
The ministry of communion is also one of the important expressions of mission of the Church. The Second Vatican Council highlights the concept of the Church as a community of the people of God.

The Ministry of Proclamation (Martyria)
The sign of Martyriaor prophetic function (first proclamation, catechesis, preaching, and theological reflection) becomes the indication of a Word that liberates and offers the key to interpretation of life and history in the world.
The Ministry of Worship (Leitourgia)
The Church is a worshiping community. As members of the Church we are called to participate in the divine liturgy, which is the source and summit of Christian Life. “Liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed; it is also the fount from which all her power flows” .